Create and Manage Folders

Create new folders

Click New Folder button in the upper-left corner of the Mind Maps page. Enter a new folder name and click CREATE. A new folder will appear in the list of your mind maps.

Double-clicking an existing folder highlights it. When a folder is highlighted, clicking the New Folder button creates a new folder inside the highlighted folder, instead of at the top level. To un-highlight a folder, just click in the empty space.

Manage folders

To see a list of actions that can be applied to a folder, click the context button on the right side of the folder. A drop-down menu will appear.

Shared folders

When another person shares some mind maps with you, a special folder will appear in your list of mind maps. The folder will have a  shared icon next to it and will be named "Shared by Username", where "Username" is the name of the user who shared it with you.
The context menu for such a shared folder allows you to Unshare all the mind maps it contains, and remove the folder. Unsharing doesn't actually delete the mind maps, just hides them from your view.
Note that you can unshare individual mind maps as well as the entire folder.

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