Keyboard shortcuts

Undo and redo

Press  Ctrl + Z to undo your last action.

Press  Ctrl + Y, or Ctrl + Shift + Z to redo.

Create new bubbles

Ctrl Click + Drag to create and start placing a new bubble at the mouse cursor. Release the mouse button to accept the position.

Ctrl Click or Double Click to create a new bubble at the mouse cursor.

Press  Ctrl + Enter to create a new bubble at the center of the screen.

Edit bubbles

Press  Ctrl + Enter to create a new child bubble.

Press  Tab to move editing focus to the next sibling of the currently edited bubble. If the bubble has no siblings after it, a new bubble will be created under the same parent.

Format bubble text

Select some text and press:

   Ctrl + B to make text bold.

   Ctrl + I  to make the text italic

   Ctrl + U to underline.

To create a heading, press   Ctrl + H to turn a current line into a heading. Pressing it again when a cursor is inside the heading will remove the heading. 

Superscript or subscript

To add subscript press CTRL + 0 and type.  

To add superscript press CTRL + 1 and type. 

To turn off subscript or superscript press Enter.

Format line label text

Select the text you want to format and press:

    Ctrl + B to make it bold.

    Ctrl + I  to make the text italic.

    Ctrl + U to underline .

To add a linebreak inside the label text, press   Shift + Enter.

View a map

Press the Home key to fit all bubbles into view.

Use arrow keys to scroll the view in their respective directions.

Press    Alt + Enter to enter Presentation Mode.

Navigate around

To quickly switch to the previous bubbles up the hierarchy, press  Shift + Tab (while editing a bubble).  This will move editing focus from the current bubble to its previous sibling. If there are no previous siblings, the focus will move to the bubble's parent. 

Select a section of a mind map

Shift + Click + Drag in empty space to start selecting bubbles using a rectangular marquee. 

Hold the Alt key while dragging to deselect ( subtract bubbles from selection ), instead of adding to it.

Shift + Click on a bubble to select/deselect it.

Press   Ctrl + A to select all bubbles.

Press  Escape to deselect all bubbles.

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