Sharing options

Note: The following instructions mention teachers who want to collaborate in the classroom, however, they work for any type of organization. 

There are multiple ways to share with others, it depends on your situation.

Use case: Students are not collaborating together and need to save their work
If students are not collaborating on a mind map, then they can create an individual account with our Basic free plan and edit independently. They can share their mind maps with others but the mind map can only be edited by one person at a time. No one will be allowed to edit the mind map while someone is editing. 
Use case: Allow students to work on a mind map without registering for
If you want students to collaborate on a mind map but do not want each student to create an account with, then you can create a map and share it with them.  In this case, the mind map needs to be created and shared by you. You'll need to create an account with and upgrade to the Premium plan subscription. 
Use case: Allow multiple people to create and share mind maps for collaboration

If you have multiple teachers that would like to create mind maps and collaborate with students, then each teacher can create their own account and upgrade individually to our Premium plan.  Alternatively, we offer a Team subscription plan that enables the administrator of a team (maybe it can be you), to create accounts for other teachers. This allows the team administrator to purchase accounts for all teachers. 

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